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7.55 PM. A strange light configuration was witnessed by Mr. M. Williams, who observed the phenomena from the opposite side of Swansea Bay: ‘I was travelling as a front seat passenger in a company vehicle driven by my work colleague Mr. P. Passmore,’ he recalled. ‘It was dark but the sky was clear and it was dry.

There were stars out and visibility was excellent. The time was approximately 7.55 PM and we were driving from Swansea to Briton Ferry along the Jersey Marine dual carriageway. As we drove I said to my colleague, “there’s a strange sight, the top one’s a star but the other two (underneath) aren’t.”

Although driving, my colleague agreed with me, as the lights were almost straight ahead, just to our right.

The lights were formed in a triangle, with the star at the top and the two lights at the bottom. As we continued to observe them, the light on the bottom right moved toward the other light below. Then both, slightly apart, moved quickly off toward the sea.

By now our vehicle was level with them and when I looked back they had gone, but the star was still there.’

As the anomalous objects traversed the Mumbles headland, travelling parallel to each other in a south-westerly direction, they became visible to most of the south coast of Gower. Shortly before 8 PM, the object was seen by a coastguard officer: ‘a star in the sky with two lights under it, white and orange over Bracelet Bay, half a mile off the shore. I put it down as some form of aircraft, but they were not flashing like an aircraft.

It was silent. It did appear strange.’ [Swansea Coastguard nearly admitting to seeing a UFO! – E.W. - SUFON] Philip Chatfield, a practising sculptor and former Royal Marine was out walking on the cliff at that moment.

At approximately 8 PM, he noticed two parallel lights in the sky. Upon further inspection, he realised that these were attached to two, independent, slim-lined craft that were horizontal in shape.

Both appeared to be constructed from dark grey metal, and were approximately eight miles distant from the shore.

As there was hardly any wind, Mr. Chatfield was adamant that had these ‘extremely agile’ objects emitted any sound, he would most certainly have heard it. But he heard nothing.

Source: Neil Spring UFO Magazine June 2001.

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