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10.40 PM.

The chief witness was travelling in his car along the Penysarn by-pass, in the direction of Dulas [heading south]. As he came onto the by-pass, out of the corner of his eye he noticed a strange light quite high up to his left. This passed over the car in the direction of Carmel, then remained stationary. The witness then stopped at a friend's house and three others came out to watch.

At first, nothing was seen and two went back in, but then, from the general direction of Carmel, a small orange speck appeared in the sky, growing in size. The other two were called out again to watch the object, which was like two saucers joined at the rim by a black band. Not all that high up and at first just hanging in the air, it then began to move slowly towards the startled witnesses.

Suddenly it reversed direction and veered slowly off to their right, tilting as it did so. As it performed the tilting manoeuvre it appeared to change shape, taking the form of a triangle with its point uppermost and showing two square protrusions near its lower points.

Apart from the black band, it was orange in colour and although having a distinct shape, there was was an orange glow around it. No sound was heard. Finally, it shot away rapidly in the Rhos-Y-Bol direction and was lost in the glare of the lights from the Shell tank farm near Rhosgoch.

The investigator comments that he didn't consider the witnesses were jumping 'on the Llanerchymedd band wagon.'

Source: BUFORA Journal Vol. 9 No. 1 - March 1980 - K. Babb.

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