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7.30 PM.

F. W. Holiday writes:

"I was again fishing, this time in Tenby Harbour. It was about 7.30 in the evening with the sea calm and the sky clear. Presently I became aware that several nearby fishermen were watching the sky directly overhead. Looking up, I saw what can only be described as a small, luminous blue-grey cloud. It was orbiting slowly in a circle equal to about three times its own diameter. Since it was opaque and blotted out the background stars this motion was plainly visible. It resembled a lump of shiny blue-grey cotton-wool.

Ten minutes went by in which interest diminished when, quite suddenly, there was a spectacle as vivid as it was unambiguous. Out of the south-west side of the cloud had emerged a dark object which beamed an intense ruby light down on us. At that point I remember feeling a slight shock following the realization that, whatever were the nature of the U.F.O.s,

I was at that moment looking at one. Very slowly the red light object moved away towards the south-west. A moment or two later the blue-grey cloud began moving east. In a short time both objects were out of sight on their respective courses."

Source: 'The Dragon and the Disc' F. W. Holiday 1973 pages 108-109.

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