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Approximately 1.45 PM. Sunny day with some high level cloud.

Michael Hopkins:

"I was spending the day with an ex-colleague from CADW visiting some burial chambers on Anglesey. Around 1.15 pm we arrived at Barclodiad-Y-Gawres burial chamber on the west coast, and approx 3.5 miles south of RAF Valley, home to No.4 Flying Training School.

After inspecting the chamber, we were making our way back to the car when we heard the sound of aircraft approaching, and upon looking up we saw two Hawk aircraft in formation travelling down the coast in a south-easterly direction. It was then as I looked around the sky for the possibility of more aircraft, that I observed a black sphere at approx one to ona and a half miles distant over the sea towards the south-west.

The two aircraft were at approx 2000 feet altitude, flying slowly, and seemingly quite oblivious to the black object. Following behind at about 10 - 15 seconds later we saw three Hawk aircraft in arrowhead formation, that appeared to have seen the object as they made a sharp right hand turn heading towards it. As the aircraft got nearer to the object, it suddenly accelerated further out to sea in a south-westerly direction.

The first two Hawks were observed carrying on their course and did not follow the three Hawks that were chasing the black sphere. We did not see the aircraft return before we drove away."

Source: SUFON Files: report received from Mike Hopkins 2018.

Location on map is an approximation of the black sphere.

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