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Approximately 9 PM.

M. J. was with a friend parked in a camper van in a lay-by on the mountain road on Cefn Cyfarwydd high above Trefriw, not far from the Cowlyd Reservoir. They had been watching mysterious light activity in the area for months and would often come up to this spot for the evening. On this particular evening they had been there since 6 pm and were planning on staying until 11 pm. Earlier in the evening, looking west at the summit and ridge of Carnedd Llewellyn, they had watched two white lights moving half way down the ridge (in a place where there are no paths).

The lights were next to each other, moving up and down the mountain, and left and right and left randomly, about two miles away from the witnesses, and high up on the ridge. There was no flashing and no sound. M. J. flashed his torch, white, white, red and varied combinations and sometimes the lights would flash back in white. This went on for a couple of hours.

The lights eventually flew off together, one ahead of the other, to the left (south-west). By 9 pm the witnesses were now back in the van. After a while, M. J. decided to go back out to see if the lights had returned. He walked a short way along the mountain road in the direction of the ridge, to a bend in the road which afforded a better view.

As he reached the bend he suddenly became aware of an object five metres away from him, hovering 4 or 5 metres above the grass to the right of the road ahead. It was egg-shaped, about 3-4 metres in length, with the wide end facing towards him. It had a horizontal line or seam around its middle. M. J. did a double take.

He ran back to the van to alert his friend and then returned to the bend where the object still was. he had to do this repeatedly as his friend wouldn't come. On his fourth return to see the object, he was just in time to see it shoot off towards the Cowlyd reservoir to his left (west), along the valley below the ridge, in the same direction as the lights had earlier departed.

Source: SUFON Files: Mike Maunder, Jay Matthews and Emlyn Williams interviewed M. J. on site 22 June 2019.

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