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A 19-year-old man was walking home, west along the A499 after spending an evening with friends near Pwllheli. He lived in a small village further west of Pwllheli and had reached a point where there is a disused wartime RAF airfield, 3 1/2 miles from Pwllheli. There was scattered snow on the ground, but this was a bright moonlit night and glancing to the field opposite, he could see an unusual craft on the ground. He went down a narrow lane to investigate, leading to a farm on the seaward side. The lane had brambles and hawthorn hedges on either side of this mud track, but there was a wooden gate leading into the field where he stopped. He had been hearing a faint humming sound. This is a piece of land jutting out to form Carreg yr Imbill, Llanbedrog Bay the other side.

The snow had not settled here, but the field was very mushy, just past the gate he could see this strange black craft hovering just about 2 feet off the ground, it was not large about 26 ft x 20 ft high. It had a glow. After watching a few moments he would have left, but by now there was a humanoid figure to the front and another to the rear of him who forcibly propelled him towards the craft which had windows to the top and a drawbridge hatchway. As the gate is not clear of brambles and the whole lane overgrown, one wonders if he was floated or walked.

These robot-like beings were either side of him. They were helmeted, had stiff movements like robots and they wore knee-length boots and gloves. The boy was terrified as he was propelled into a room, where he was observed. He was then passed into what seemed the craft's control room, where there was a screen on the wall. The beings communicated telepathically with him, telling him they were preparing him for a Time change and decontamination. He then thought the craft took off, although again when he discussed this some years later, he said he could have been seeing what transpired on a 3D-like screen, for he passed or was shown the planets and satellites of our solar system. He accurately described some of these. Outside the orbit of Pluto they appeared to dock into a huge mother craft.

On this ship he was subjected to the usual type of medical examination which abductees all over the world have had to endure. The youth had his left arm burnt by an instrument. This was later shown to Derek Mansell and the Contact International UK team. He had his heartbeat increased and decreased, at one stage they even tried to remove his eyes from the sockets, but he strenuously refused this; they seemed to be reading his thought waves. They informed him they came from the constellation of Lyra and had a base on Earth in Greenland. They told him they had captured a Voyager probe and found it to be primitive. The young man had recovered these many memories piecemeal over many years.

He was returned to Earth many hours later, and vaguely recalls the craft leaving. He felt he had been away 6 hours. He was now several yards further up the A499 and still had a sensation of floating, as he walked unsteadily down the road in the early hours of the morning. A police car stopped and gave him a lift back to his hamlet at 5.30 am. where he lived in a large house in the centre, with his grandfather, mother and sister. They were up, anxious as to what had happened to him. He was shocked but gave them some fragments of what had occurred to him. He felt and looked so ill his mother went to Pwllheli library to see if she could find a book on UFOs.

She found one with the address of Fred Passeyin it, and she managed to phone him. As the youth continued to feel ill, his mother was very concerned and eventually on the 17th February she insisted on taking him down to Oxford to see Derek Mansell of Contact International UK. On arrival, the boy refused to get out of the car and go into Derek's house. Derek phoned a colleague and they tried to reassure him. They managed to get a disjointed account from him.

In February 1985 a team arrived in North Wales: Derek Mansell, Geoff Ambler and David Ridge. They went to the hamlet home of the witness, 16 days after the event. The youth was calmer now, but still only gave fragmentary details of what had occurred. The team examined the burn marks which were still on his arm. The team investigated the field with difficulty as it was very boggy but they found no markings or depressions.

In 1991 Margaret Fry and Philip Mantle of BUFORA met the witness. Margaret said she found the witness difficult to follow due to his nervousness and he was reluctant to visit the site. But he did oblige and took the two investigators to the field where his experience happened, briefly. He was clearly still traumatised by the event.

Philip Mantle visited him again the following year, but the young man wanted to put the matter behind him. In 1994 Philip Mantle and Carl Nagaitis's book was published with quite an accurate account of 'David Thomas's' encounter.

Source: 'Who Are They?' Margaret Ellen Fry 2004.

Location on map is approximate.

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