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8.30 PM.

UFO Investigator Margaret Fry was at home in Abergele, with her daughter in her living room, which had a big picture window looking into her garden. Suddenly a very large disc-shaped revolving craft passed in a straight line across their vision out of the window, about 200 feet in altitude, moving fast. It was yellow in the centre, with an orange rim.

Margaret exclaimed and for some reason said to her daughter, "It will return." Sure enough, seconds later it passed over again, slower, and covering the same route as when it passed earlier.

Shortly afterwards, John Roberts, a friend and co-investigator, who lives a few streets behind, telephoned her, excitedly saying that he was at a barbeque in a neighbour's front garden opposite his house, with his wife, when suddenly a large disc flew over their heads, turned and went back the same way, past Margaret's house.


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