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9.20 PM. Dark and clear. Sarah Barnard was with her 10 year-old son, Luke and 12 year-old daughter, Bianca, in a car travelling towards their home in St. Jon’s, Brecon from the north-east, and were about a mile from the town centre.

They were travelling along Hay Road and had just rounded the left turn at the junction near Bishop’s Meadow, when Luke said, “What are those lights Mum?” Sarah replied, “I don’t know.” Bianca said, “What is it?” and Sarah said again that she didn’t know. They were mesmerised for a few seconds. They were looking at an object on their right.

Sarah explained, “There was this circle of red lights across the field. I stopped the car and wound down the window. There wasn’t a sound. It was dead quiet and these lights were slowly coming towards us. My heart was pounding.

It was practically over the car. It took ages to get to us – I must have been there for five minutes waiting for it to come. You could sense it was solid because everything was going dark over us as if a big cloud had come over.” She was unable to give the diameter of the ring, but the MOD file states that it was the size of a tennis court or bigger.

There were 10 – 20 steady red lights, which appeared to stand vertically in the sky like a big clock face. She thought the silent object was only as far away when she first saw it as the end of her street from her home – not more than 200 or 300 metres.

“I was frightened. I honestly thought if it came over us we would be ‘zapped up’ – I know it sounds silly. I was trying to look to see what it was, wondering was it an aeroplane?”

Luke said to a reporter of the Brecon & Radnor Express & Powys County Times, “If my mum had been stood on the roof she would have been able to touch it.”

Sarah said, “As I drove off I looked up and I could see this big thing over me and I thought ‘Oh my god I’ve got to go.’ My heart was pounding, I was sweating and awful thoughts were going through my mind.”

If the object had continued on its course, she guessed it would have passed north of Brecon Leisure Centre and travelled over the empty road towards Groesffordd.

Source: MOD Files and Brecon & Radnor Express & Powys County Times 21 March 1996.

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