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3 AM. Clear cold night with some low cloud.

Maesteg Ambulance Station is part of the fire station on Coegnant Road, Caerau, Maesteg. Paramedic Paul Griffiths was working the night shift and was sitting in the cab of his ambulance parked in the back yard of the station with the lights of the ambulance switched off. He was with a colleague and together they were scanning the night skies, as they would often do, his colleague for wildlife (this being his interest) and Paul for stars, satellites and the ISS (this being his interest). Just after 3 am, his colleague was the first to spot an object in the sky to the north-east, in the area of the Bwlch wind farm on the mountains to the north of Caerau, about two miles away, and slightly obscured by a wispy cloud, and over an area of what would be bare mountain and forestry typical of the South Wales valleys area.

About ten degrees above the mountain top, the object had alternating red, green, blue and white lights and remained in the same spot for over two hours. The two men both viewed the object through binoculars. It was described as disc-shaped and sitting at an angle of about 45 degrees. There was a green then orange hue to the sky and what can only be described as a "pulse". Paul's colleague pointed his phone at the object but the poor quality of the resulting video shows just a bright light behind the cloud, and a recording of the witnesses discussing it.

They used a clothes line post in an adjacent garden as a reference point so as the earth rotated the object stayed approximately 20 degrees east of north - ruling out a star or planet, such as Venus which was rising at about this time. Paul is familiar with astronomy and also aircraft, having done his training with the RAF. As a paramedic he is also used to seeing helicopters and their associated warning lights.

There was no sound, and when viewing through binoculars, Paul could see there were multi-coloured lights. The size of the object was estimated as big - much bigger than a commercial aircraft. Paul's colleague, a professed sceptic, could not believe what he was seeing. Paul explained:

"My binoculars are not as powerful but the lights were very crisp and not flashing like port and starboard aircraft lights....they were red, blue, green and white....I thought initially it was a diamond shape but my colleague said disc and sitting at an angle. His night vision obviously better than mine."

Paul's compass which he keeps in the cab, went erratic and the computer in the station was later found to have 'tripped out'. Just after dawn, Paul had got in his car and driven up the road during his break to see if he could get a better view of the object, but without success. When he returned to the station, his colleague wasn't around, had presumably gone to the toilet. Paul looked again for the lights and noticed that they had gone. He took his colleague's binoculars and walked to the front of the station to scan the area. He saw the disc again, this time it was swaying from side to side and it moved off north away from him "in a fluid movement".

"At this point the disc was horizontal with a distinct but gentle dome shape to the top and maybe a white light above that."

Paul watched as it disappeared towards the north.

"My compass did not settle down until some time after the event, neither did my colleague's which for some time showed north as east. There was definitely some kind of magnetic disturbance!"

Source: SUFON FILES: witness report via website reporting submission 7 June 2020.

Location on map is approximate position of object

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