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7.30 AM. Broken cloud.

Mark Rayworth was driving to work and passing Port Talbot on the eastbound M4 motorway. As he was approaching the end of the fly-over section of the motorway, roughly in line with the start of the steel works to the right, he spotted a bright white object at about a 30-40 degree elevation over the steel works. It was possibly reflecting the early morning sun but there was another object which was dark to its left. He managed to risk taking a photo with his phone but the dark object was not in frame.

He then saw a dark triangular object in the same area which he managed to photograph. This was moving to the south-east, and keeping pace with his car. To Mark's surprise it 'morphed' before his eyes into a black helicopter. Again, he took a photo. The helicopter suddenly turned on its axis and dived, again 'morphing' into a light aircraft!

He lost sight of the object then as he continued on his journey. Mark has suggested that his perception of the object had been changed by the object/its operators by switching frequency in order to appear to be an object acceptable to the percipient. However, despite there being many cases on file as evidence that this has indeed happened before, he acknowledges that this theory doesn't fit in that his phone camera recorded the changes in the object's appearance.

Source: SUFON Files: Mark Rayworth's presentation at SUFON conference 25 August 2020.

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