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Jean Hubber, a Community Nursing Sister was at home at about 4.30 PM. Mrs Hubber’s two young daughters came in from playing to complain:

“Mummy, there’s a green ball chasing us.” However, Mrs Hubber was busy with housework. “I did not take any notice of them. I told them to go back out to play.”

But ten minutes later the four-year-old came to report: “Mummy, come and see – it’s out by the back door.” Mrs Hubber:

“Again I took no notice. The girl was adamant about me going to see the ‘green ball’ but I was very busy. Half an hour later I noticed the children were playing indoors and when I asked them why they weren’t playing outside, they replied:

‘We’re not going out – that green thing keeps chasing us.’ I then realised they were telling the truth. I went outside with the children to where they had seen the ‘ball’; I could not see it but the four-year-old claimed she could see it descending into swampland in a field. I can only say that although I couldn’t see it I could sense that something was wrong.”

The ‘ball’ was described as ‘dark on one side, shiny on the other’. The sighting extended over half an hour, and the object disappeared by ‘going to ground’.

Source: The Dyfed Enigma Pugh and Holiday 1979 pages 84-85.

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