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Just after 3 AM. Cold and clear.

Maesteg Ambulance Station is part of the fire station on Coednant Road, Caerau, Maesteg. Paramedic Paul Griffiths was working the night shift and was sitting in the cab of his ambulance parked in the back yard of the station with the lights of the ambulance switched off. He was with a colleague and together they once more saw unexplained lights above the area of the Bwlch wind farm on the mountains to the north of Caerau (see 7 June 2020 for their first sighting). Paul explains what they saw:

"My colleague and myself returned to the station, parked the vehicle and after regaining some 'night vision' again looked to the skies and were amazed to see in roughly the same position as before an 'erratic' moving object that came to a standstill and displayed multicoloured lights similar to the object viewed last year. When the objects are moving fast only a white light can be seen but as they slow or remain stationary they emit bright red, green, blue, white and purple lights. When viewed through binoculars (low power 6x30) and not the best quality the shape of a disc is visible.

We both observed what can only be described as a 'fleet' of orbs arriving from a westerly direction. Some of these orbs remained in the sky towards the north and took up position as what my colleague described as an 'isosceles triangle' tilted to the left. The sky was clear and it was bitterly cold and we watched the objects for hours sometimes taking it in turns to go inside for a warm. At approximately 0500 jet aircraft seemed to come out of nowhere from the south west at least a couple of them travelling supersonic.

Their wing lights visible and also with the underside white lights on, at least one of them seemed to give out a 'strobe' effect and bright flash. These aircraft headed east where some of the white orbs were travelling at the same time and very high up travelling in the same direction another craft moving very fast with what appeared to be a 'halo' around it and three large red lights possibly on its underside was visible. Only caught a fleeting look at this one while looking through the binoculars to try and identify the jet aircraft."

There was jet aircraft activity in the area until just before dawn but they did not go near the three objects in triangular formation. The objects seemed to gradually move towards the north or north-west, away from the witnesses, until the last one went out of sight at 7.45 AM. Paul's work colleague who witnessed the UFOs with him, is ex-forces, including Army Air Corps, and is familiar with different types of aircraft.

Paul took some photographs with his phone, which are here shown.

Source: SUFON Files: witness email 13 January 2021.

Location on map is approximate.

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