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6.30 PM.

F. W. Holiday writes:

"....I was on the wall of Saundersfoot harbour in Pembrokeshire fishing for whiting. The night was cold and still with a slight sea mist. Along with other fishermen I then saw something moving out in Carmarthen Bay.

Across our front, from left to right, a luminous object was travelling over the waves at about a mile range and no more than a hundred feet above the water. It seemed to be a glowing, spherical mass giving out a white light which pulsated with a periodicity of about two seconds. Each pulsation lit up the surrounding haze for several times the diameter of the object. It was on a level course and moving at about 250 mph, which soon took it out of sight behind Monkstone Point heading south.

The display was in total silence.

Although I worked for several years at an R.A.F. Experimental establishment and took part in numerous airborne experiments and also worked at Cambridge Airport and with Cambridge University squadron as an engineer, I felt unable to categorize the object as anything mechanical. I decided it must have been an electrical phenomenon of the atmosphere."

Source: 'The Dragon and the Disc' F. W. Holiday 1973 page 108.

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