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“I am reporting this incident for the witness who wishes to remain anonymous at this time. I received several photos taken in rural Carmarthenshire, Wales, near Carmarthen on November 5, 2010 around 7 pm local time.

The witness noticed the object rise from behind a hill at a distance of approx. ½ mile. The UFO hovered for about a minute then continued to rise until it was out of sight. It was described as disc-shaped with red lights. The photo was taken with a cell phone. After talking to witness, I estimate this object was at least 150 feet across....possibly up to 200 feet.

As you can see in the photo, the object seems to have structures on it. There have been a few unusual sightings in this specific area recently. The witness has asked me not to disclose further location information. I realise that this was Guy Fawkes night in the UK and that there are traditionally fireworks and bonfires....but the witness is very reliable.”

The object was described as a large disc shaped object with red and white lights and structure.

At this time, the images will be posted as *(link moved to additional evidence section-cms/sg). Under copyright.

Source: citing MUFON report uploaded 7 September 2010.

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