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“I was sat in the kitchen one evening when I noticed a light out of the corner of my eye. I went outside for a better look, to my amazement there hovering about house height 30 feet away was an orange/yellow orb. I immediately ran to get digital camera.

When I went back outside it started doing very strange flying up and down left right then came back to hover in same place. I lifted camera and camera shut down which I found odd as they were new batteries.

Then a police helicopter appeared right next to it with red and blue lights flashing. The UFO went nuts, it flew in a way that no aircraft made by man could ever do, up sharp rights and lefts in such a way and at such speed that I immediately knew it was not from this planet as any human would have been killed if they were in it.

It then went straight for the police helicopter which took evasive action or the orb would have crashed into it. It then shot off towards the Gower [south].”

Source: citing MUFON uploaded by witness 6 June 2015.

[See following night].

Note: Date is recorded but witness says: “one evening”.

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