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5 JULY 2010 – KITTLE

A huge orange light flew over a house in Kittle, Swansea at 1:20 AM. Witnessed by brothers Alex and Nick Brown. Alex reported:

“Me and my brother both witnessed a UFO at approximately 1:20 a.m. on the 5th of July over Kittle, Swansea. I was downstairs and then this ‘hovering’ noise and slight vibrations came from the distance, the house was vibrating and then all of a sudden a very loud noise came above and lasted there for at least 45 seconds, which seemed very strange for a plane, unfortunately I was downstairs and ran to the window but it was above us so I couldn’t see from the angle, but then my brother who had been in the shower at the time ran downstairs and shouted “Did you see THAT?!”

He said that he had witnessed an orange light passing over our house very slowly, it then slowly hovered over Bishopston Valley and disappeared!

“It was definitely not a plane as there are no major airports nearby. We have lived here for ten years now and have never heard a plane at night. Whatever it was, it looked way too big and sounded too big to be flying over our house at that speed for 45 seconds!

It would of definitely fallen out of the sky, it was way too slow to be possibly flying at that sort of height. My brother is a pilot and knows his planes very well. He said that the UFO was bright orange and the orange light was not flashing, planes have to have flashing lights when flying at night he said.

Also, the light suddenly went out as it passed the Valley. I don’t know how to describe the sound I heard but it was a huge hovering circling sort of sound and very very loud.

Source: posted 5 July 2010.

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