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Sighting,UFO,Lights,Triangle,Saucer,Cigar shape


4.15 AM. Mr. H. was in his conservatory surfing the internet on his computer and lost internet connection. Whilst trying to resolve this, he became aware of a very intense “humming/rumbling/vibration” type sensation which he compared to a lorry standing outside his house. As he lives next to a main road he continued to attempt to reconnect to the internet, unsuccessfully.

He then started to feel pressure in his ears and went outside to investigate. On doing so he was amazed to see in the sky what he assumed were three very large objects, travelling slowly and low in altitude. He said they were too slow and low down and too close to each other to be planes, and much too large to be helicopters.

The pressure in his head and ears became more intense and the sound or vibration he heard/felt as they passed overhead was unlike any engine that he was aware of. Being an ex-HGV fitter, he knew his engines.

He tried to distinguish the shapes of the objects but noticed that they were very large and slow-moving with revolving multi-coloured lights, mainly red and they were emitting a form of pressure as opposed to any sound.

They travelled in a straight line procession, one behind the other and in very close formation. He did not know from which direction they had come from, but they continued on their way over Sarn/Tondu, over Park Slip (an old opencast mine), down the valley towards Port Talbot/Neath, travelling at the same slow speed.

He ran back into the house to get his Blackberry phone to film or photograph them but his phone had not only lost connection to his works server enabling him to use/access it but it had also stopped working/crashed.

The whole experience had lasted approximately 5-10 minutes.

On returning to his computer he found that his internet access was restored and was also able to use his phone.


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