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11 AM. Clear sky.

Steve Drewson was at home and saw an object in the sky at the same time as an airliner. Here is his report:

'At approximately 11 am on Tuesday 4 October, I was looking out of my upstairs rear bedroom window at Gowerton Road, Three Crosses, Swansea. The weather was fine and dry with blue sky. I observed a large passenger airliner flying from an east to west direction at a height of approximately 39,000 ft and a speed of about 500 mph.

It was leaving a wide vapour trail behind it. This is a regular occurrence with transatlantic flights passing overhead in both directions every couple of minutes.

On this occasion however, positioned some considerable distance below it, was a black or dark coloured object moving in exactly the same direction. Now whilst this object appeared to be travelling at exactly the same speed and direction as the airliner, it was obvious that it was travelling much slower, as it was at a much lower altitude. I would estimate its speed to be about 100 mph, but cannot accurately estimate its height, but if pushed would say about 10,000 feet, and its size maybe a third of that of an airliner.

There are light aircraft and microlights flying overhead coming from and to Fairwood Airport on a regular basis, but this object was flying at a much greater height than any light aircraft. I could clearly see that there were no wings or visible lights on the object, and it was far too high in altitude to be a helicopter. I was unable to determine its exact shape but it was clearly under intelligent control. Whilst it was moving in the same direction as the wind, which was blowing from the east, the object was clearly moving far faster than the wind was blowing.

Although I have stated that it appeared to be keeping pace with the jet above, it was clearly not in any way tracking or toying with it. I immediately went to find my binoculars but realised that they were not retrievable in time to spot the object before it disappeared. Neither was my camera available to me at a moment's notice.

I had my mobile phone with me and put the phone's camera on full zoom. I pointed it at the vapour trail which I could see in the viewfinder, but I was unable to see the other object. Assuming it would still be in the picture I took a photograph just before the airliner disappeared over the house. I then went outside to the front of my house and whilst I could still see the airliner above me, the other object had disappeared.

I subsequently checked the photograph and could clearly see the airliner with its vapour trail and there was a small dark spot on the image below it, but when I zoomed in on the object although it was clearly visible, it was pixelated to such an extent that I was unable to make out its shape.

A few days later, on the night of Saturday the 8th of October, I showed the photograph on my phone to three members of SUFON who were participating in a sky watch at Rotherslade, Mumbles, Swansea.

Unfortunately however, the image was accidentally deleted a few days later.

Source: SUFON Files: Steve Drewson.

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