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Approximately 2AM.

Witness statement:

"I was outside in the back garden smoking a quick cigarette before bed, and I noticed how clear the skies were, with the exception of a few clouds and the stars were magnificent.

Absolutely clear constellations . Suddenly a shooting star appeared and fizzled away. I thought to myself how wonderful it was to see one before bed when all of a sudden around the same area of the sky where the meteor had fizzled out, I noticed bright light moving.

After watching it for several seconds I realised it wasn't moving like a plane. It was darting back and forth, up and down. The light was circular, very bright yellow.

The thought occurred to me it could have been a drone, when I noticed it started to fly amongst the clouds. As it was, the light shinning off the clouds and there was no shape, it was almost as if the whole UFO was the light. I noticed that the light shinning onto the clouds was not the same colour as the light on the UFO but that could be because of how the light reacted to reflecting off the clouds.

This carried on for about 10 minutes. During those 10 minutes 2 more meteor showers occurred, one to the left and one to the right of the UFO. The distance between them was quire far but seeing 3 shooting stars and a UFO. It was a lot to handle, I blinked a lot and looked away and back and forth to make sure I wasn't losing the plot.

The clouds were around 10,000 ft (I checked online on cloudwatch) so it could be a top quality drone. But to see the shooting star and UFO appearing was truly spectacular.


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