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31 MAY 1984 – SWANSEA

Saturday [?] 8 AM. A huge black triangle moved over village, no sound, three domed lights, solid. Up to 500 feet away from witness, at treetop height.

Moved in a straight path. Had three domed lights visible.

“Upon witnessing this event, I ran home approximately a quarter of a mile. Immediately drawing the family’s attention, but there was no sign of the object. The following day, Sunday, the object was reported in the national newspapers. It took too long to run home that night, the object should still have been visible as I monitored it all the way home.

But in the seconds it took to call family it had gone. Also I have a memory of a device, a circular magnetic device, I could draw from memory. That night it took too long to run home, I can’t remember how I got from the rugby field to my street, and the speed in which the object moved, it should have still been visible. Various people throughout the village also saw the object independently.”

[SUFON Note: 31 May 1984 was a Thursday, so the following day would have been a Friday, not a Sunday as stated in the witness account – and for it to have been reported in all the national papers on Sunday morning would have been impossible – some details must be incorrect].

Source: uploaded by witness 1 September 2014.

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