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31 JULY 2021 - ST. DONATS



9.41PM. Overcast.

A couple were out walking with their dog along the cliff path from Llantwit Major towards St. Donats. The light was fading as they reached a small beach [Tresilian Bay?] where they stopped to look at the view.

The husband: "I saw with my own eyes two bright red lights close to the bottom of the cliffs on the opposite side to where we were standing. I told my wife and as she was taking pictures on her phone. To our amazement when we got home we checked she had taken two photographs instantaneously one after the other. The one photo has nothing on it but the last one has what seems to be an arc of light in the cloud layer resembling a blurry triangle type craft."

Duration of sighting: 1 second.

Source: SUFON Files: witness submission.

Location on map is approximate.

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