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Between 9.45 PM and 11.15 PM.

A UFO was spotted in the Pontyclun area, by two members of a paranormal investigation team, initially from theLlantrisant by-pass.

It was described as triangular in shape and pulsed red, blue and yellow lights. It was very low in the sky and no noise was heard. It hovered in the sky for about two minutes, then sped off towards Llantrisant Common.

The witnesses followed it in their car and took video of it from the common. Five lights rising over the horizon above old Llantrisant.

Source: needing clarification.

Earlier in the night an object which may be the same one was seen in the Bristol area:

"For those that don't know me I am a UFO investigator in North Bristol. I go out on a LOT of sky watches since my original sighting. However last night I had a sighting which was about 9 pm Friday 31st August. Basically I'd got home from the pub after having a lovely meal.

There is a place where I see most things that happen for me. As I pulled up on my drive way I looked at my wife and said, 'That ain't no star.' My wife, myself and boy stood looking at it for a good five minutes. It looked like something that resembled a bright start just hanging there in the sky. My wife said, 'It looks a bit low to be a star.' Then, five minutes later the thing started moving towards us. Kinda just in front.

This time I felt lucky I literally had my binoculars already in the car from camping the week before so I was able to get to them within seconds. We then noticed it began to move. It passed over and, as it got to me I could see it looked like a longish black diamond or pyramid shape. Very weird shape. I can remember thinking. 'Wow that looks like something out of flight of the navigator.'

I said to my wife, 'You know where I'm going', and started to get ready for a night out sky watching. I'd already viewed the thing and it had got out of sight but I was running about getting ready as quickly as I could. Despite the initial pass over I kept going to my back garden and then the front as I was getting ready grabbing my stuff to get out as quick as possible. Meanwhile each time I still had my binoculars with me. It pretty much circled the first time. The black craft went around three times that I could see.

The second time over though I have to say it looked a lot higher. ZERO SOUND every time. Id finally got over the fields to monitor what was going on. I stayed out until about 3:30 am come end. The night had became too cloudy to stay out longer and it went quiet. First time low and visible rest of times too high for me to see properly even with the binoculars.

There are few things noticed other than the object itself. When I had got to fields within next two hours. I saw the usual helicopter with the massive lights on the front then go through my USUAL spot twice spread out perhaps an hour.

The helicopter had its spots on going medium speed. Sounds nuts but I'm pretty sure that the helicopter noticed me there this time. Usually I hide myself from it by making a ball behind a tree. It came on a perfect heading to see me. Must have been about 12 last time it circled.

Then just after that in the park opposite, I noticed an immaculate looking overly big van with blacked out windows that kept pulling in. It would stay 15 minutes then go. I could see two guys in it or got out that's only way I could see them. I really wasn't sure if this too was related but my feeling says it was. It was a weird van.

These things usually end up being significant, but only noticed properly over a long period of observations. I only really thought about that van today. I saw the van come park up between 1-3 am. I must say I find it refreshing that the last two of my sightings others have also reported same time/place etc. Where I live it is where I believe things originate from.

Everything centres around a certain spot. I reckon that they missed what was due in last night that is why it ended up in Wales. I have only seen something in near day light hours twice here so I guess they got their timing wrong this time.

This may or may not be the same thing but it sure sounded the same even enough for somebody to specifically write to me because my description to them at 10 am this morning sounded so similar to this post. Also timing works out perfectly co-coordinated. Tom(BWUFO)

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