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By Adrian Howells

Bishopston school-boys, Andrew Evason and Michael Jenkins were spending the last day of the summer holidays quietly picking blackberries when suddenly from behind a hedge soared “something from outer space”.

“It was definitely a UFO. We were so frightened we dropped everything and ran home like mad,” said Andrew, aged 12, of The Rectory, Bishopston, and Michael, aged 12, of Ship Cottage, Pwlldu Bay.

The boys, pupils at Bishopston Comprehensive School, described the “craft” as being about the size of a bus and a whitish silver in colour with a dome on the top.

It was so clear in their minds they drew a rough sketch of the craft to show disbelievers.

“There was no noise or disturbance. It just rose up from behind the hedge and soared off into the sky,” said the boys, still excited by their sighting.

“We were picking blackberries along a hedge in a field when we both looked up and saw the UFO a little further down. We only saw it for a few seconds because we were frightened. We are convinced we saw it and that it was a UFO,” they added.

The boys returned to the field from where the object had risen with Andrew’s father, Rev. A. B. Evason, and “there was a mark there which looked as if something had been resting on the grass.”

The credibility of the boys’ story is verified by Rev. Evason who said: “They certainly saw something. When they returned home they were very startled.”

“I went down to the field with them and there was some kind of mark on the grass. It was as if the grass was a yellowish colour,” added Rev. Evason.

The incident is the latest in a series of sightings of UFO’s in the Swansea area but the first in the Bishopston area.

Source: South Wales Evening Post 1 September 1977.

[The field in question is located north of the B4436 (Northway) opposite the cul-de-sac called Portway. SUFON is in the process of investigating this case further and is in touch with the boys, now in their middle-age]

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