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30. October 2017 - MORRISTON, SWANSEA


Sighting,UFO,Lights,Cigar shape

We were working on a roof in the swansea area.I usually scan the sky's as i have an interest in aviation.

Being a qualified commercial pilot.I have an app called flight radar 24 which i occasionally scroll through to identify aircraft types. but noticed and object very high up.Based on the app and the airliner height of approx 35,000 i would say this a little higher.I noticed it because it did not move but was bright.

Partly from the reflection of the sun glare radiating from it.

And i noticed a bright white light pulsed.

Occasionally from one end.It seemed cylindrical but tapered in the middle.It started to move after a minute or so.It looked like it was tumbling.Then it stopped.Then moved slowly off to the right. the flashing white light appeared not to be consistent but random.It then stopped for a few minutes before moving away slowly into the sun. that's where i lost it. it was very high.

I attempted to film it with my smart phone but due to its distance from me, keeping the phone steady when filming was very hard.I did film it for a while but the results were a little disappointing. i also took a picture. i became very excited at seeing this as it was very unusual.

A colleague thought thought it could be the space lab? but i ascertained that that would follow a gravitational orbit.Its movements did not suggest anything related to that.I lost sight when it moved further south into the higher cirrus cloud and direct sunlight. it also bares a striking similarity to a video posted on the swansea ufo network a couple of weeks before.

Although it appeared to be moving all the time.It was not.It was difficult to hold the phone still due to the distance.


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