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4.20 AM.

Witness: Nathan: 'Around 4.20 am this morning I went outside the back of my house to have a cigarette and I saw a light in the sky moving from west to east. At first I just thought nothing of it, just thought it was a plane with its lights on. Then the light stopped dead in the sky for a few seconds and started to move in my direction. At this point I thought right its got to be a helicopter?

But then the light started bouncing around really fast in a way like nothing I have seen before. It was moving really fast in all directions and flashing a white to amber colour.

There was no sound of any sort such as what a plane or helicopter would make! What I saw kind of freaked me out and I sort of froze because I knew this was not normal. I ran upstairs to get my phone to try and capture it on video. I came back to the rear bedroom of the house and looked through the window and it was there for a second and just vanished? Very strange and I have never seen anything like this before.


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