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Afternoon. Clear.

Pauline Coombs was driving back home at Ripperston Farm from Talbenny accompanied by her mother, Frances Grycz and four of the family: Katrina (15), Kieron, and the younger twins, Layanne and Joanne. She had decided to take the short cut via Broadmoor farm and so, turning off by the disused airfield, she drove along the rutted dirt road down the valley and towards the sea and then, turning sharply left, climbed the steep hill towards Ripperston, overlooking the coastal cliffs.

They had been shopping and everyone was in good mood.

Pauline: "I was driving up the back road to the farm, with all the children in the car, when we saw another enormous disc fly over us...."

The disc, glinting in the sun, could have been no more than 40 or 50 ft above the road as it glided silently over the fields ahead of them straight towards the mysterious Stack Rocks. The disc lost altitude and moved behind the rocks.

"Then we saw it reappear, circle the rock and - I swear this is true, we all saw it - vanished into the rock between two doors that seemed to slide open. We couldn't believe our eyes. We saw it fly straight into those rocks. We all winced, expecting an enormous explosion, but nothing happened. Anyway, we parked the car and we all walked along the coastal path to the best vantage point for the rocks and we all saw the 'door' again and this time two silvery figures walking on the edge of the rock. Then, after a bit, they retreated inside the rock."

By this time the disc was no longer visible, having disappeared previously. The figures had appeared after its decent and were, again the tall silver-suited beings seen in the area on other occasions this year. They wore the same one-piece silver suits, each with a tinted dark visor on a helmet completely covering the head. They were clearly visible from the mainland and Pauline only regretted that other people were not there to witness the scene.

Two of the figures had emerged from inside the doors and walked down what appeared to be steps or at least step-like indentations in the dark rock to the seashore, where they appeared to be examining something. They stayed for only a few minutes and then one of the figures went up again to the doors and appeared to be working or moving about just inside the doorway.

The other figure joined him after a time and the doors slid silently shut. The figures did not reappear. The family were completely stunned and startled but unsure what to do, remembering their former harassing experiences with press and public.

From the Haven Fort Hotel along the coast to the east, the other side of Little Haven, Rose Granville and her family came corroboration of the Coombs' story, as they too had also witnessed the figures. They had been sitting in the lounge of the hotel which commands a fine view of the coast and the Stack Rocks out in the sea. Their attention was drawn by a bright flash, possibly the sun glinting off the silver disc seen by the Coombs family. The flash had come directly from the islands and Rose examined the rocks with binoculars and saw the figures.

They watched as the figures later retreated deep underground. Rose telephoned Pauline to let her know what they had witnessed.

Source: 'The Welsh Triangle' Peter Paget 1979 pages 119 - 122.

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