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They’re back – strange lights have been seen in the sky over Swansea again. Three triangular-shaped orange lights have been spotted zooming across Swansea Bay. The eye-witness, a retired 3 M worker, said the lights were baffling and he is appealing to anyone who can help solve the mystery.

The sighting is similar to reports of strange triangular flying objects seen over Gower last September. The latest incident happened just after 7 PM on Wednesday. Sixty-two year-old Tudor Williams, from Loughor, said he and a friend were walking along the seafront near Blackpill when they spotted the unidentified objects.

“It was a cloudy night but just after 7 pm the clouds began to break up,” he said. “Then we saw it – this triangular object came speeding towards Mumbles from the Kilvey Hill area. It was travelling at an incredible speed. Then a second one came from the Mumbles direction. They flew towards each other and stopped dead still.

They were joined by a third object, then, in a pyramid shape, the three of them flew off inland across Gower. It all happened so quickly, it was all over in 20 seconds. We couldn’t believe what we had seen. I don’t believe in flying saucers and all that but now I have seen something I just can’t explain. It was like nothing I have ever seen before.”

A spokesman for the police said today that they had received no reports of flying lights in the sky over Swansea on Wednesday.

Source: South Wales Evening Post 3 December 2005.

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