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Approximately 11.45 PM.

Mike Hopkins lives in Graigwen, Pontypridd and just before retiring for the night, he decided to go out into the cool night air on his patio at the side of the house with his binoculars.

"My patio, for the most part is sheltered from the street lights, which is an advantage for sky watching. I sat on a patio chair and scanned the sky. After a few minutes I was aware of a red light on a north-westerly heading. As I followed it through my binoculars, to my amazement, it passed two white lights in formation, one slightly ahead of and to the side of the other. As they passed, it reminded me of cars on a dual-carriageway! Could they be satellites I thought? Are satellites available in different colours? Do satellites travel in strict formation? Would satellites travel in opposite directions? I don't know.....I can only state what I observed.

Source: SUFON Files. Correspondence by email from Mike Hopkins 2018.

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