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3 JUNE 2017 - GOWER



3rd June 2017 – Pembroke Dock – Gower – Brecon Beacons

10 30 pm

Swansea UFO Network were having a skywatch on the top of Cefn Bryn, Gower. Steve Drewson, Laurence Lowe, Gary Paul were at the carpark, Mike Maunder and Emlyn Williams were about half a mile away to the north at a stone cairn near Arthurs Stone (burial chamber).

An object flew over travelling west to east between the groups of witness`s, about 200 feet in altitude and moving about 50mph with no sound. It displayed three large white round lights arranged in a straight line and flew sideways (lights were alongside each other) but the central light was constant but the other two seemed to be going off randomly.

There were no flashing navigation lights. It continued on a level course to the east of the witness`s until moving out of sight.

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