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3rd June 2017 – Pembroke Dock – Gower – Brecon Beacons

A couple were camping in the Brecon Beacons

I had just asked my partner the time (11pm) and I looked up and saw it. It flew directly overhead, was going quite fast but no sound at all. It was flying west to east. I don`t think it was a plane as there was no sound, it was deathly quiet that night. Also larger plans had flown over during the day at much higher altitude and they made a very audible rumble. Whatever this was was much lower in the sky.

We only saw it for a few seconds before it disappeared behind a hill. I`ve checked the ISS tracker and that was flying over South Wales 10 minutes before. However this was much larger and we were about 40 miles north but this thing was overhead. It glided overhead just a silent line of lights in the sky, I`ll also add that this thing was very bright and the outer lights were much larger than lights on planes wing tips.

Source reported by witness 5 june 2017

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