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12.30 AM.

The witness, a 50-year-old man, was at home in Carmarthen Road, Waunwen, Swansea and was looking south towards Swansea city centre. High up in the sky he saw an object which was flashing red and yellow lights. It was silent and moved slower than a helicopter would fly. It was very high up, like a satellite.

The lights were close together and it moved from west to east, moving from above Townhill to Kilvey Hill. When it got to Kilvey Hill it made a sharp left turn, and headed north towards Neath and Swansea Valley. The witness saw it through binoculars as well.

Duration of sighting: 2 or 3 minutes.

Source: SUFON Files: telephone report from witness to Emlyn Williams 4 July 2018.

Location on map is Kilvey Hill where the object turned north.

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