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11.45 PM.

Benton Castle lies on the upper reaches of the Milford Haven inlet. Captain Timothy J. Sullivan had returned home from a supper party at Lawrenny. He lived in a cottage which he shared with his brother, near the castle. His brother was out.

He got out of his car and wandered round the back of the cottage to see if anyone was awake in the castle (where his parents lived). Before he was in sight of the castle door he heard a shout which he thought was his mother shouting 'Marcus, where are you?'

However, when the door was in sight it was evidently closed and there was a light in his parents' bedroom.

"I may have shouted back but consider it unlikely. I assumed that my mother had thought that my brother had not immediately gone but that she had not waited for an answer. I then began to stare around the sky looking for the Plough - about the one constellation I can immediately recognise - when my eye was caught by a movement.

An object (about a half to three-quarters of an inch in diameter at two feet - arm's length) travelling very fast ( a sighting of about half a second over twenty to thirty degrees of arc) which definitely had no tail (such as is seen by objects burning out on entering the atmosphere) passed through the sky.

This object, which was circular in shape, appeared to look like a two-dimensional view of a spheroidal open lattice-work - the latticing appearing as tracings of light having the intensity of some of the weaker stars. At the time two things appeared odd. Firstly, the object must have been more than fifty feet away - it went behind a building - and therefore was travelling fast (some 160 feet per second if fifty feet away - and a truly incredible speed if entering the atmosphere).

Secondly, there was no characteristic trail as seen when meteorites or satellites burn up. The next morning I discovered that my mother had not gone out or shouted after saying goodbye to my brother."

Source: 'The Dyfed Enigma' Randall Jones-Pugh and F. W. Holiday 1979 pages 54-56.

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