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9.10 PM.

The witness, living in Llansantffraid-ym-Mechain, Powys, went outside for a cigarette and saw something in the distance, just above the skyline. At first thought, the witness took it to be a helicopter or plane, not an unusual occurrence at this location.

However that notion was discarded as the object seemed to be stationary and appeared to be hovering. It had three red lights in a triangular formation, with a blue-white blinking light in the centre.

Some bangs were heard in the distance that sounded like something impacting rather than a gunshot or firework, and then the object disappeared. Around 30 seconds later it reappeared and began rapidly gaining altitude. As it ascended the red lights disappeared. Within about 45 seconds it was well above the witness's head and moving to the east towards Four Crosses (south-east), about a mile away.

The witness watched it as it travelled at speed, noticing a smaller orange steady light behind the blue-white one. It was observed for roughly a minute until it had flown out of sight.

"I attempted to get a photo or video of the object but unfortunately I only had my mobile phone to hand and the camera couldn't pick up the lights, presumably due to its distance.

My only thought is that this could've been a remote controlled camera drone, but it appeared to be very large and moved large distances in a short time, making me think that it would've travelled out of the range of a remote control, and as to why anyone would fly a camera drone in a countryside town, in the dark, is beyond me. "


Location on map is approximate.

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