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About 10 AM. A bit cloudy with clear sky where object was seen.

The witness (who wishes to remain anonymous), was in her back garden in Dunvant, playing with her dogs.

The garden looks across Fairwood Common towards the North Gower Road and junction with the road to Three Crosses. She noticed an object in the sky which she described as looking like an upright cylinder, motionless in the sky over the Three Crosses road. At the same time, she saw a plane, or micro-light that had just taken off from the nearby Fairwood Airport, climbing into the sky. She went to get her binoculars so she could get a closer look.

She described it as a red and silvery upright cylinder, with the red and silver occurring as stripes around it, like a screw. While she watched, another plane was taking off and climbing. The object was static for around ten minutes. It then moved off slowly on a level course through low cloud, away from the witness and headed over the common in the direction of the airport.

She said she thought the object was bigger than the planes taking off (light aircraft). She used to have flying lessons so could estimate it was around 1000 feet in altitude. She provided a drawing but added that the bottom of it was pointed. Mainly silver, with some red in places.

The red looked solid rather than illuminated.

Source: SUFON Files: witness interviewed by Mike Maunder, November 2019.

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