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9.46 AM. Clear blue sky.

Steve Drewson was at home in Three Crosses and saw an object in a blue sky. Here is his report:

'I was in the upstairs back bedroom of my home in Three Crosses, Swansea. The bedroom window overlooks an easterly direction. I am well used to regularly seeing local light aircraft and also transatlantic jet aircraft passing back and fore, some leaving vapour trails and others not, but no matter what their height, their shape is always obvious and they are always constantly visible along their entire flight paths. My attention was suddenly drawn to the totally blue and clear sky outside, where I could see a white object travelling slowly in a westerly direction.

As I watched, it just disappeared. Within seconds it reappeared and was joined by a second similar object in close proximity. Both objects kept "blinking off" and reappearing. In my view they were clearly not aeroplanes but I could not explain what they were. The only thing I had near me was my mobile phone, which isn't the best for photographs or films. I grabbed it and attempted to film the objects but even on full zoom I couldn't see the objects in the phone's screen. In view of that I just pointed it roughly in the right direction and started filming.

The attached video is what resulted. If I'd managed to get it earlier it was a lot more spectacular with a lot more to see. In the video only one object appears, which "blinks on and off" very briefly at 2 secs and 8 secs.'

What he managed to film is what appears to be a white object, roughly round or spherical in shape.

The video will be posted on here soon.

Source: SUFON Files.

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