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About 11.30 PM. Moonlit clear night.

A man from the West Midlands was on holiday in Broad Haven with family members and saw an object which he described as a square of blue/white light that appeared over the back of the house in which he was staying in, in Swanswell Close on the eastern edge of the village. Upon seeing it he headed up to the first floor landing window to take a closer look.

He could see a perfect square of light to the south of his location, that seemed to stop suddenly about 40 ft in the air, and an orange orb floating, moving horizontally from one side to the other, right to left.

Once the ball had gone from one side to the other, the light ceased, and there was only moonlight left. The light would return three times always after about 5 minutes or so, and again there would be another orange orb going from right to left.

The witness also said that moments before the square appeared, his son-in-law's dog (who never barks at anything), would shoot up and start barking and growling at the back door, and he could also hear other dogs barking from the neighbours' houses.

There was no sound heard during the sighting (apart from the barking dogs).

The house where he was staying is just a couple of minutes walk from Broad Haven Primary School.

The witness' son-in-law passed this report on to SUFON, and provided a daytime photograph of the same view where his father-in-law had seen the objects. He said they were behind the two telegraph poles located in the adjacent field.

Source: SUFON Files: Witness' son-in-law correspondence via Facebook.

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