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Sighting,UFO,Cigar shape

Shortly before 10.30 AM. Clear, crisp day.

Mrs Y lives in Atlantic Drive, Broad Haven. Her mother was visiting her and the two women were standing at the kitchen sink, washing up a few cups. Her house is on the first low hill rising from the seashore. The view from the window includes other houses on the estate and arable fields in the middle distance,looking north-west.

Mrs Y glanced up the hill towards St. Davids.

"There is a field up there, and a brilliantly white object was hovering and moving slowly from my right to my left. It was not high up in the sky but just above the hedge. There was a strip of blue sky between the object and the hedge. The thing was moving very slowly. It wasn't silver but more of a flat white.

It was large - as big as a bus, a bulbous thing. It looked rather like a barrage balloon and there was no sign of propellers.The main portion was cigar-shaped with a fairly big tail that looked like a barrage balloon. I watched it for some seconds, and then my mother looked at it."

It was about three quarters of a mile away, and clearly defined. There was no sound. It progressed slowly downwards to my left, towards the sea,and then was cut off from view by the houses."

No reports of balloons were made and barrage balloons had long been obsolete.

Source: 'The Dyfed Enigma' Randall Jones-Pugh & F. W. Holiday 1979 pages 159 - 160.

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