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10.55 PM.

Michelle Sexton was letting her dog in and looked up at the sky. To the right of her house, through trees, she saw an orange glowing object. She walked down her garden to get a better look as she thought it was a street light, although it was way too high. It was stationary but as she watched, it moved slowly away from her.

Michelle watched it for a while to see if she could see any flashing lights on it, in which case it would be a helicopter, but there weren't. At this point she ran into the house to fetch binoculars. By the time she got back the object had gone. She turned to go back in and saw two more in the sky, coming from the direction of Newport docks, going right over her house and towards Cwmbran. Looking through the binoculars they appeared as bright orange spheres. As she finished watching these go over another 3 appeared.

The reader would be correct in writing this sighting off as nothing more than another case of Chinese lanterns, but what followed rules this postulation out.

She ran back into the house to get bigger binoculars, hoping to get a better look. With these she could see that they still appeared as bright orange spheres, but one looked like a disc with lights going around the edge on top of it. The last group of three lights, which were spread out in the sky, stopped in an area over Newport docks. As Michelle watched, a beam of light, the full diameter of one of the objects, appeared, shining upwards. The object then dropped down rapidly and out of sight, her view obscured by houses. The other two did exactly the same thing, one after the other.

Michelle stayed for a while but saw nothing else. She phoned her friend to tell her what she had seen and as she was returning back to the house and saw one light reappear. She called her friend to come and see, and her friend's son arrived. He too saw two of them. They seemed to be further away, although they stayed stationary for several minutes before slowly dropping a little then moving to the right a bit more, then going out of sight."

Source: reported by witness 30 August 2010.

Location on map is approximate.

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