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Sighting,UFO,Cigar shape,Landing

10.15 AM.

An anonymous witness was driving a tractor along Wick Road towards Ewenny and Corntown (heading north-west), to deliver a bale of hay. Looking towards Ewenny Quarry on the left (so would have been near Beech Court Farm), the witness saw what at first appeared to be a large silver HGV trailer, about 40 feet long, reflecting the morning sun, about a quarter of a mile away to the west.

The witness discounted this possibility as there was no suitable road positioned above Kingswood and the quarry.

The elongated silver object then seemed to be floating a few feet off the ground. It then disappeared at speed behind an old stone barn and reservoir, travelling about ten feet in altitude, then suddenly shot straight up 'faster than anything I've ever seen in a blink.'

Duration of sighting: a few seconds.

Later, after work at 7 PM, the witness went to the site - the disused Hobbs quarry and entered an underground reservoir, to find a rational explanation, but was unable to find any trace. A few days later he went back with sceptical workmates, and entered the underground empty reservoir. Apart from letting their imaginations get the better of them in the dark cavernous void, they found nothing.


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