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At around 8 pm, the witnesses, Alexandra Hole, her boyfriend Jonathan Coombs, and five others saw an object over Dunvant, Swansea:

“My boyfriend was outside having a cigarette and called me out to look at something in the sky. At first, it appeared to be a plane on fire falling out of the sky, but then it got closer and right over the houses.

It wasn’t up high but it was down low in the sky and was the size of around 5 jumbo jets put together. It didn’t make noise but was right over the house and the light was so bright it was like the sun. This made it impossible to photograph it because it flooded the camera with light.

There were lights all around the edge of it shooting off colours. It went over and then a second one appeared further up and hovered for a bit. There were planes all around it and one appeared to go up close and then either disappeared or went into it.

There were several of us there to see it (three adults and four boys from the street). The boys said they had seen it the night before as well but no one had believed them.

Everyone was stone cold sober and we are not the type of people to ever have thought that UFOs existed. One of us had to go to work and once there she could see bright lights in the sky in a group. She was with two other adults and they all looked at the lights through strong binoculars. She said it was the same ships as we had seen close up and the underbelly of them looked like lit up jellyfish.

The activity went on for around a half hour and the crafts moved off towards Gower and out of sight. This was a very frightening experience for everyone. Please if anyone else saw this can you get in touch?”

Source: posted by witness 13 October 2010.

Emlyn Williams contacted Alexandra on 5 August 2015. She said:

“I live on Dunvant Road and my ex partner called me to look out the back which faces Derlwyn because he first thought there was a plane on fire but then it got right up close to my house and was very low and just stayed there for a while. I tried taking a photo but it didn’t come out. I called some random teenagers walking past to see, look at it and then it moved on towards the Gower the other direction of my house.

I haven’t told anyone because people look at me as if I have two heads.”

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