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8.35 PM. Clear night.

Linda had left her house to do some washing in her outbuilding and noticed a bright orange/red orb about 200 ft in the air. It was close to a metre in diameter and moving slowly above a tree line then making its way over houses a few streets away. She watched as it progressed slowly in its course, when suddenly it disappeared in a flash along trees in the distance. She said:

"In no way was this a Chinese lantern as it was an orb in shape and was low enough to be able to distinguish that it wasn't a lantern. There was no noise just complete silence and it was a clear crisp night. The only thing that even remotely looks similar is the ghost light or red orb on YouTube from Indonesia or off Nat Geo ghost lights mystery."

Source: reported by witness 29 September 2010.

Location on map is highly approximate as we don't know exactly where in Caerphilly this took place.

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