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Will Winfield was driving home to England through Llandrillo when he saw 'a strange light' in the sky, moving in different directions. The 22-year-old managed to capture pictures and videos of the unidentified object, which he says eventually disappeared from sight.

He said:

'A friend was with me at the time who was driving along the main road that leads through Snowdonia past Bala. It happened in Llandrillo, according to the location of the video, about five minutes drive away from the actual town. We were just driving through and we'd stopped off for a couple of minutes to use our phones, and we just saw a strange light start moving in weird directions. In the heat of the moment, I managed to catch that on my phone. Eventually it disappeared.'

Source: 24 June 2019.

Location on map is approximate as we don't know which side of the town he said it was.

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