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Between 6 PM and 6.45 PM. Clear blue sky.

At 6 PM a man was in his rear garden in Peterston-Super-Ely to the west of Cardiff and saw an object moving in a south to north direction at high altitude. It stopped and moved backwards for a few seconds then continued to the north, where it disappeared from sight behind the chimney of the bungalow. He took a video (01) of this and at 32 seconds in, in 1/30th of a frame shot, it is possible to see a grey vehicle travelling northwards at 'the speed of a bullet'.

He called his father out to the garden to show him the video of what he had seen and went into the bungalow to get something. Then the father witnessed:

'...a large metallic sphere, like a metal bowling ball in the colours of grey and black travelling at approximately 600 mph from south to north for about 4 seconds.'

It then disappeared, again behind the chimney, like the first one had done. He reckons that as he could definitely say that the object was metallic, it may have been as low as 5,000 feet in altitude. This was not videoed, unfortunately.

The son then joined him outside but missed that the father had seen. As they were discussing this, a third object came into view in the south, travelling towards them heading north. They both watched this for approximately ten minutes. It was high, at about 20,000 feet. It first looked like a star, and so bright against the perfect blue evening sky. It was travelling very slowly and was also stopping for a few seconds every now and then.

The father: 'It seemed to be deciding what direction to take! Our eye vision was perfect as we could see the sun's reflection on it and a reddish glow that occurred for a brief moment. It then turned westwards and slowly disappeared away. This object was also a spherical shape.

Videos 02, 03 and 04 show the object as a white shape. The father unfortunately accidentally turned the phone camera off for 2 minutes, while the son went to get his glasses, but he had perfect vision of what the craft was doing.

See the videos here:





Source: SUFON Files: witness email 2 July 2018.

Location on map is approximate.

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