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11.30 PM.

Elizabeth returned home to her bungalow at Dol-Y-Coed, Dunvant after attending a SUFON meeting in Gorseinon.

It was a dark very warm night, and the sky was totally clear with no significant wind. The moon and stars were clearly visible.

She entered her rear bedroom where her partner was asleep. The curtains were slightly open so she pushed them further apart to look at the condition of her garden as she had not watered her plants that day.

On looking out, her attention was drawn to a red/orange coloured object situated south-easterly in the sky, near the Killay area, at an elevation of about 45 to 60 degrees.

Distance and height were difficult to estimate, but it would have been roughly the height of a helicopter's normal operating height and perhaps about half a mile to a mile distant.

The shape of the object was evident as all that could be seen was a round shaped red/orange light.

She went outside into her back garden to get a better view. The light was clearly moving quite quickly as it was continuously disappearing then reappearing in different positions in the night sky, but it was moving in a general South Westerly direction towards Upper Killay (north-east to south-west).

Elizabeth tried to both photograph and film the object, using her mobile phone, but unfortunately the object could not be seen on the resultant footage, purely because the distance was too far to record its image.

As she watched, it continued to blink in and out, then suddenly changed direction back to the way from which it had come, before slowly disappearing away out of her view in a south-easterly direction towards Killay.

The object made no sound that she could detect. She saw no lights or any other colour on the object. She then retired for the night.

She considered contacting the South Wales Evening Post about the incident, then found the contact details for SUFON on the internet and reported the matter to us.

Source: SUFON Files: witness interviewed by Steve Drewson 28 June 2018.

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