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9.45 - 9.55 PM.

Witness: D:

'...I saw a bright white light which I thought to be a police/search helicopter on a nearby mountain in Port Talbot. It was moving directly upwards then stopped in a hovering position just a little higher than the mountain top for 10-20 seconds then started moving left in a straight line then stopped in hovering position 10-20 secs then doubled back on itself, stopped and hovered again for 10-20 secs before moving right in a straight line then stopped and hovered again for 10-20 secs.

It then doubled back on itself again then stopped and remained totally motionless for around 30 secs then started to move downwards. Up to this point I still thought it was a police/search helicopter of some kind but then the bright white light changed into a bright pulsating red ball which moved in a very fast and erratic manner before disappearing into the woodland.'

Source: uploaded by witness 5 February 2011.

Location on map is approximate.

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