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10 PM to 10.15 PM. Cloudy.

A woman from Llanrhystud was driving , accompanied by her daughter, on the A487 road, heading south from Aberystwyth. About half way between Blaenplwyf and Llanrhystud (roughly near Llanddeinol) they saw a large pale (whitish) light in the 11 o'clock position at an angle of 30-45 degrees from the horizontal.

The light was diffused or 'watered down' and most unusual. It moved slowly from left to right, across their path.

Shortly afterwards several white lights appeared from the area of the first sighting and proceeded to approach the car, passing over it very, very low ('skimmed the car') from right to left.

These appeared to 'become' an elliptical white light behind hills to the left of them which eventually went out. As the lights crossed the car the observers were looking up at, perhaps, an angle of 80 degrees.

The RAF CRO in Welshpool who wrote this report to be forwarded to the MOD said:

'.... seemed a very sensible and responsible person who does not believe in UFOs. However, neither she nor her daughter have ever seen anything like this before and, if we have an explanation, they would be interested to know.'

The RAF had received no other reports of such sightings to date and the officer said, 'I find it difficult to imagine the cause of this.'

Source: MOD Files: letter from RAF Community Relations Officer (Wales), Welshpool 27 February 1996.

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