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11.50 PM.

A young woman was standing by the windows of her home in Trwyddfa Road, Plasmarl when she heard a tap at the window. On looking up she saw a bright light approaching. It lit up the kitchen and was so bright she could not see anything in the glare.

She said it seemed to burn her skin and she had difficulty in breathing. She was very frightened as her husband was in work and she was alone with her 16 month old baby all night.

The next morning when she visited her mother, Vivienne Francis at 52 Ewenny Place, Clase, she was still in a state of shock.

At first she thought she had been struck by lightning but there was no thunder or lightning about that night. When she told a neighbour about the incident the neighbour recalled that her dog would not go out at the time of the incident and was very frightened.

Ten minutes later the dog was willing to go out.

According to the mother, the witness was not given to imagining things.

Source: Letter from Mrs Vivienne Francis, South Wales Evening Post, Friday 3 September 1965.

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