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5.30 PM.

A 60-year-old man was in his back garden in the Wrexham area and saw a flat disc flying over the site of Brymbo steelworks. He described it as being black in colour:

"It came from the direction of Chirk towards Queensferry. It was a flat disc, it was very strange. The wind was going in another direction, so don't think it was floating so it wasn't a balloon or a bin liner, it went in a straight line. It seemed to be 100 ft high at the most. It was about as big as a car. There was nobody attached to it and there wasn't a cabin, so it didn't appear to be a craft. It wasn't a drone. When I first saw it I thought someone had let a balloon go. But when I looked at it I could see it was flat. Then it turned over so the bottom was the top, and then it flew again. It wasn't going up or down, or side to side, it was going in a perfectly straight line. I could hear dog walkers saying, 'Look at that?' and 'What is that?'

He believed others will have seen the object as it was at a time when people would be driving home from work and it appeared to pass to the west of Wrexham over Tanyfron, Brymbo, Pentre Broughton, Caergwrle and continued heading north in the direction of Broughton, Hawarden and possibly Queensferry.

The witness took a video on his tablet for about 12 seconds, but when he looked it hadn't worked. He tried videoing something later and it worked fine.

The man was right in his thoughts that other had seen it. Painter and illustrator, Clare Thompson saw the disc (if indeed it was the same one) flying over her area just over the English border at Lache Lane in the western edge of Chester:

"I think I saw the same object. I've never seen anything inexplicable in the sky before but that did confuse me. I have been looking for any info that fits as it baffled me.... The timing sounds right and the location is the right trajectory - it flew over our neighbourhood round by Lache Lane towards Flintshire. Also the description of the way it was moving is spot on. Only difference being I thought it was smaller than a car and silver/reflective. Definitely flat and a disc and not a balloon or a drone."

Source: - 29 September 2020 by Matt Warner - / - - 11

October 2020 by Matt Warner

Location on map is approximate.

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