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About 5 AM.

Husband and wife, Glyn and Toni Edwards were in the attic bedroom of their home in Pontypool when they saw an unexplained and very bright object in the sky above the town. Glyn Edwards, a 39-year-old music teacher, said:

"I got up to have a drink of water and saw the ball of light moving north to south along the valley. It was a clear night and we have a view of the entire valley from our attic bedroom. The object was travelling at a very slow speed - far too slow for it to be a plane or helicopter but what I found more striking was the fact that the object made no noise of any kind. Noise carries a long way at night in the valley but we heard nothing, the object did not make a sound."

Glyn's wife, Toni, a local school meals organiser, also described the sighting:

"I saw very bright lights like searchlights trained on trees. It was moving so slowly that the object was almost static. Also it was completely the wrong shape for a plane."

The couple contacted the South Wales Argus after reading about the sighting by the three boys in Cwmtillery (2 November 1989). They said:

"From the description the boys gave it was the same object that we saw, it moved the same way. I certainly cannot explain what we saw", Mr Edwards added.

Source: 'UFO Wales' David L. Richards 2012 pages 79-80 citing 'South Wales Argus', November 1989.

Location on map is approximate.

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