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10.05 PM. Clear sky, no clouds.

Partners John and Pam were sitting in their living room in Jersey Road, Winchwen, watching television. The house is situated on the east side of Jersey Road a little to the north of the junction with Carmel Road, and their back garden looks onto open lands to the north of Carmel Road, facing up-hill.

Their sitting room has front and back windows, and is aligned west-east. Pam suddenly noticed lights in the sky through the rear window to the east, and exclaimed ' 'What's that?' They rushed out into the back garden for a better view and saw, heading away from them (which had already passed over the area of their house), and heading east, an aerial craft of some kind which displayed many bright round lights, 'like diamonds'.

Their view was only of the rear of the object, the shape of which was a long thin rectangle, and was wide but thin in height, its width compared with the wingspan of a jumbo jet. They could not say what shape in plan the object was as it was only viewed from the rear. They could not tell what colour the body of the object was as it was night and the lights were bright. There was no noise, and the lights were in a single row, covering the entire width of the object.

It was at an elevation of about 30 degrees, was about 200 metres away when they first viewd it when entering their garden, and was about 2-300 feet in altitude, as it headed over Carmel Road, which runs west-east so it's course was approximately that of the road.

There were no flashing lights. Pam said it 'crept along' at a slow speed on a straight and level course, and the couple watched for about two minutes before it moved out of sight over the horizon to the east.

One strange thing noted was the fact that their two dogs, who normally follow them into the garden, barking madly at anything, stayed quietly indoors for the entire time the object was in view. The dogs were back to normal a short time later and have displayed no other uncharacteristic behaviour.

Although John has maintained an interest in UFOs over many years, and has had many previous sightings, Pam admitted that she was not interested at all until this sighting.

Source: SUFON FIles: witnesses interviewed on site by Steve Drewson and Emlyn Williams 26 May 2016 - and the dogs didn't stop barking while we chatted in the garden!

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